Whether your moving in or out of your home or apartment you should have your carpets cleaned by a professional.
Affordable Cleaners 3-step carpet cleaning process can remove the dirt and odors from your carpets. Sand and soil builds up in your carpets, destroying your carpets.
The longer you wait to have your carpets cleaned, the worse your carpets become. The dirt and soils become attached to your carpets through the process of oxidation, which permanently discolor the carpet forever.
Unlike most carpet cleaners, Affordable Cleaners utilizes a 3-step cleaning process.
We inspect, pre-treat and prep hard-to- clean areas with safe and effective products
then we use a state-of-the-art industrial rotary scrubber
lastly, we extract all the dirt and grime with a hi-powered truck-mounted steam extraction unit,  leaving your carpets looking their best.
Under services: upholstery cleaning
Affordable Cleaners can restore and rid your furniture of stains, odors and allergens while protecting your furniture's delicate fabrics. Having your upholstery cleaned by a professional at least every 1-2 years can restore the beauty and extend the life of your furniture
We pre-treat and spot clean, then hand scrub your favorite couch, chair, or loveseat, lastly we remove all the soil with our hi-powered steam extraction unit leaving you with the furniture you remember purchasing.